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World of Warcraft Addon

  • PvP, PvE, Leveling: All optimized.
  • Advanced machine learning algorithms.
  • Customizable GUI.
  • Adjustable Spells Manager, Configs.
  • FPS Booster: Optimized for low-end PCs.
  • Affordable, competitive pricing.
  • All-in-one solution.
  • Maintained by solo engineer G.




World of Warcraft Unlocker.

  • Ultimate WoW Unlocker.
  • Top-tier sophistication.
  • Widely trusted.
  • Unbeatable speed.
  • Always updated.
  • Performance-optimized.
  • Security prioritized.
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Koexygen Reviews.


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  • Koexygen

Hey Koexygenies! Feel free to share your reviews, offer constructive feedback, or even rate Koexygen to give newcomers a sneak peek of what they're diving into. Got some jaw-dropping DPS numbers or eye-popping healing charts? Show them off by sharing your screenshots! Your valuable insights not only help the project grow but also set the stage for what future members can expect. Thank you for contributing to the quest for the ultimate World of Warcraft experience. Best regards and may your loot be epic!

Hope you find this useful for your gameplay!

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  • Reseller

Koexygen just gave me new reasons to play WoW again, i really enjoy gaming experience with it, no more stress, no one blames me again for being noob lol 😄 i just can't play wow without it anymore, 10/10 absolutely recommend to anyone. Keep up the good work @G Thanks for such experience 😍

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Really smooth and lag free project, never seen anywhere else such performance optimization, literally 1-2 fps drop only, finally i am able to play epic battle grounds and heavy content 😄 at other projects i was sitting with 15 fps, most of the content i was wondering what was going on but with Koexygen i can clearly participate game lol

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Rotation is amazing, G is perfect, class engineers are perfect, constantly updating, maintaining, he implements all the requests really quickly and very well, i always have feeling Koexygen really cares about my experience that i can't say to any other project i have tried so far, UI is so sleek and user friendly. 10/10 !

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Koexygen has been in the scene across various games and has always pumped out incredibly high quality CRs. So smooth youd think vitalic himself made an alias to code on retail. Some PvP utils can be lacking but if you provide feedback for the utils that you want he will implement them properly on short notice. (Note: be respectful when giving feedback and make it high quality, low quality feedback is hard to work on I know from experience). Koexygen also has very high quality security to evade detections outside of unlockers which in my opinion is much more sophisticated compared to the competition. 

Put your trust in Koexygen and you will be rewarded with some of the best CRs out there to a price that cant be beat!

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  • Moderators


Seeing koexygen is a young project and in its infancy yet, Im really amazed by the quality of the rotations and overall performance as well.
Compared to many alternatives its surprisingly fluid in terms of fps and not very taxing at all on your PC to use, I used it to heal 30 man raids as holy paladin and it felt as I never had anything injected or loaded at all FPS-wise.
Guy is very friendly and open to constructive and valuable feedback as it is given, to quickly as he can improve the rotation based on the feedback.
And with his holy paladin I am confident in almost fully wasd myself to glory in higher keys than I should enter, as well as carry a geared raid while undergeared myself, had many such experiences 🙂 
Based on the price and what you get, this is something everyone should at least try once, and get to learn too. It even got my pve brain to get interest in pvp, and that says a lot.


Thanks G for bringing Koexygen to the world and looking forward for more fun stuff in the future ❤️

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I absolutely love this product! It has exceeded my expectations in every way. The quality is top-notch and it has made a huge difference in my daily WoW routine. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and effective solution in terms of rotation bots. Support is crazy good! I recently had an issue with buying a product and reached out to customer support for assistance. I was blown away by how friendly and responsive the support team was! They went above and beyond to help me resolve my issue in a timely manner. I really appreciate the level of care and attention they provided. It’s great to know that this company values its customers and is dedicated to providing top-notch support. 5 stars for their amazing customer service and product!

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Today I promised to write a review, so it's time to keep my word.  I only play PVP, so I can only evaluate this aspect of the rotation and share my overall experience with you.

 GUI: the prettiest I've come across so far, everything arranged logically, very easy to use.  Performance: I've never used a bot so PC-friendly in my life, the FPS drop is virtually unnoticeable, whether you're playing arenas, epic BGs or moving around in the open world.

 Rotation: always up to date, uses the latest builds and spins amazing numbers, intelligent use of all abilities like stuns and interrupts, and most importantly rotation is not obvious.  I'm still gearing my characters at the moment, but I'll be sure to edit this comment and post my rating soon.

 Support: In my wildest dreams, I never expected that any developer could be so kind and helpful.  I really can't get over what a great person* G is.

*I'm not sure if he's really human.

 The only thing I'm afraid of is that G is working on this project alone and I wonder if he will be able to maintain the quality once more classes are added 🙂 Overall, I recommend it wholeheartedly.  The quality is first class.

Sending big hugs and kisses, thanks for this amazing project!

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I've delved deep into PvP action across various supported classes in Koexygen, and my experience has been nothing short of exhilarating. The combat rotations in Koexygen are a force to be reckoned with, consistently delivering some of the most potent damage rotations. The intelligent use of defensive abilities adds a layer of strategic depth that keeps players on their toes. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

One of Koexygen's standout features is the extensive customization options available for most of the class's spells and abilities. This level of personalization empowers players to fine-tune their characters to match their preferred playstyle, ensuring that no two encounters ever feel the same.

Performance-wise, Koexygen shines brightly. Whether battling it out in the arena or participating in battlegrounds, it boasts impressive response times and stability. Koexygen is remarkably efficient, with minimal strain on your CPU and GPU, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

In the intense arena battles, I've managed to achieve ratings of 2100+ CR and 2200+ MMR on both my Shadow Priest and Warrior, primarily relying on Koexygen's impeccable damage rotations and cunning defensive maneuvers. However, the real breakthrough came when I decided to tackle the BM Hunter class. While initially hard-stuck at 2k, I decided to take matters into my own hands and manually controlling crowd control spells, traps, and pet abilities. The result was astounding, as I surged to a 2300+ CR, proving the untapped potential.

However, it's not all sunshine and roses. Koexygen does have room for improvement in terms of combat and crowd control logic. Currently, the rotations seem to be rigidly coded to follow a specific playstyle, which can be limiting. For instance, the BM Hunter rotation only activates a trap on a healer when they are off a full diminishing return, even if the kill target is within the lethal threshold of 20% health or lower and has no trinket. A half-duration trap on a healer with no trinket can often secure a kill, but the current system doesn't account for this.

I've suggested multiple times that Koexygen should incorporate options like checkboxes and sliders in the GUI, allowing players to customize combat and crowd control logic to better suit different team compositions and kill windows. Such an addition would undoubtedly elevate the gaming experience, especially for newcomers and intermediate-level players who may struggle with the rigid nature of the current system. As someone who has achieved a rating of over 2400 in solo and 3v3 matches, I can attest to the effectiveness of manual control in boosting performance, but not everyone may have the same expertise.

In conclusion, Koexygen offers an outstanding PvP experience with exceptional damage rotations, intelligent defensive strategies, and a robust customization system. While there is room for improvement in terms of combat and crowd control logic customization, the potential for greatness is undeniable. So, whether you're a seasoned PvP veteran or just getting your feet wet, Koexygen has something to offer for every player looking to conquer the arena and battlegrounds.


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Koexygen is perfect, you can customize all the spells as you want, for my part I love the holy paladin for PVP 2400+ on 5+ paladin for the moment!  #1  

Thanks to G to be a good Dev and be there for the comunity when we have question / suggestion !!

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I haven't played WoW for the past week or so, but when I used Koexygen - especially the Holy Paladin and Feral Druid rotations - they were very solid rotation bots. The bot is very well made and performs very well in both PvE and PvP (for supported classes, that is). The bot's performance in terms of FPS is also amazing compared to other tools. The afk leveling feature is also incredible and just gets the job done. I will buy it again when I get the time to play WoW, for sure!

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I’ve been using this World of Warcraft PvP helper, and I have to say, it’s been an incredible experience. G, is absolutely awesome and incredibly responsive. The best part is that all the classes are a blast to play with. Even though it’s still in beta, you wouldn’t think so because of how polished it is. I give it a solid 10/10 and would highly recommend it to any WoW player looking to up their PvP game!

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Honest review based on exp for multiple bots - mainly pixelbot ones. 

Koegyxen is really bot from other planet compared to other competiton there is. Bot doesnt kill your fps at all and is simple to use. You dont need 1 hour to set up and other one for getting crs working, its just 5min setup. Plug and play! 


All available pve and pvp rotas are included In one price and they all work flawless. If something doesnt work, it gets fixed fast. Very responsive support and good community. 


Buying this bot was best decicion ever. Now i cant even think other bots anymore. 


For new ppl joining you should notice that bot doesnt support all classes yet, but gets there soon. And devs have great balancr for pvp and pve content. 


In short: buy it, you wont have any remorse! 


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