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Community Answers

  1. this spell has very unique usage, that is why it is not included in the CR, i suggest to use it manually sorry for discomfort
  2. which class are you playing ?
  3. Will add your request on next update sorry for being late, we do have some other stuff in development, whenever we go for class changes we will do you requests. thanks for patience
  4. thanks for the feedback, however i suggest you to DM either me or G with this kind of problem thanks alot again
  5. IZY

    OUTLAW range bug.

    thanks for the feedback will be fixed
  6. IZY

    OUTLAW range bug.

    If you have not acrobatic strikes(talent)then that bug may happen . Was it on volcoros?
  7. Not worth implementing at the moment . Later it is considered to be added . Ty for feedback
  8. different paymet option is under work i suggest to wait a bit if you are not out of license.
  9. do you have trouble buying daemonic on our website?
  10. i'v been in dungeon, just now it is doing dispels as needed i think you misunderstood the second debuff, because there either someone else or you by yourself were standing in the dark zone when debuff expired (second one) but first one never gets dispelled in dark side.
  11. It is already implemented, to dispel only when person is in light zone .
  12. it's under investigation, it should not be recasting on the target which is alrady cced by someone else. thanks for feedback
  13. Thanks for the feedback, those spells will be included in Spell manager , when it goes live, for now i recommend to manually dispel only those 2 debuffs. sorry for discomfort.
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