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Updated Veng Demon Hunter issues and fixes

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```***Preface - All arguements are backed up with logs***
*** Same dungeons and keys ran by myself and then again with a 30+ VDH friend to verify issues***

First off an explanation of where logic is going wrong-

* Spirit bomb is being used in single target when it should not be
* Soul cleave usage is very underutilized as a result of spirit bomb being used in single target (FIRST POINT)
* The Hunt is underutilized
* Fel Blade is underutilized causing less fury generation, therfore less spenders



Extended spirit bomb logic for single target -
In pure single target, spirit bomb is an extremely extremely rare cast. the ONLY condition to cast spirit bomb in single target is during the fiery brand/demise window when you have 5 or more soul fragments. this does NOT mean to wait until you have 5 soul fragments, you should be dumping soul cleaves as your spender, so you should never accumulate that many fragments in the first place. in my log i had 16 uses of spirit bomb in a pure single target fight. this is a massive massive dps loss. at MOST 1 or maybe 2 spirit bombs would be acceptable if we had enough soul fragments somehow (downtime, movement, etc). the fact that we have 16 is wayyyy off (CHECK LOGS FOR PROOF AND VALIDATION)

*(only in extremely rare cases would you end up with 5 soul fragments in single target before you would ever not use soul cleave - 99% of the time you soul cleave)*


*Logic fixes for Spiritbomb/Soulcleave to aid in proper fury spenders from fracture and improve self healing as its currently not doing hot in that department (check my discord post under veng for a deeper analysis on the way its currently spending fury and selfhealing issues)

spb = spirit bomb
sf = soul fragment
aoe = number of mobs in spiritbomb radius

during fiery demise: spb if aoe <= 1 and sf >= 5   or   aoe 2-5 and sf >= 4   or   aoe 6+ and sf >= 3
outside: spb if aoe 2-5 and sf >= 5   or   aoe 6+ and sf >= 4

soul cleave if cant spb  <<<<<---- THIS PART IS MISSING


Links to logs sent in DM to all important parties

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Edit addition -

Single target - 
Should never be spirit bombing on boss on single target outside of fiery demise every 1 minute 
default to soul cleave outside of that always as spender if fiery demise isn't up
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