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Hunter auto traping at start of any fear / stun (inefficient



hi, let me start off by saying what a wonderful job you have done with the hunter CR. Like everything feedback helps improve a product to what consumers would like. 

One crucial problem i find in the CR for hunter atm is when auto trap in on, the CR will trap when u stand close to enemy healer OR it will trap healer when he is disorientated. the problem with when he is disorientated is the CR throws the trap as soon as healer is disorientated. so lets say i tell my friend to HOJ (hammer of justice) healer, the healer is stunned for 5 sec but CR throws trap ASAP, which is alot of wasted CC time, and if i ask Warrior to FEAR the healer, CR does the same, it throws the trap as soon as the healer get feared. would be nice to add a condition for the CR to throw trap when 1 second remaining from whatever CC the healer is in. i hope this gets implemented as it would make a big difference.

And yes i understand i can remove auto trap and throw trap on my own, but unfortunately i have tried and sometimes with me spamming my "/cast [@cursor] freezing trap" it sometimes goes off on the correct global and sometimes the CR beats me and does another global leading to the healer coming out of CC before im able to throw the trap.

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