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Bursting affix suggestion


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Hello everyone! Just a little quality of life I found yesterday while doing this week affix.

 I noticed that priest was casting mass dispell as soon as the group has bursting. This is nice and intended of course, but it would be nice if we could make it to cast it only when there is more than 4-5 bursting stacks. 

This is far from being a priority for development because priest disci works amazingly and it is easily done manually, just something to have in mind at some point.

 Thank you team and praise the Aug! 

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  • Class Engineer

We are well aware of that problem as well , we are thinking to implement some kind of burst healing logic for those external situations. But what you have mentioned about stack tracking, that is the feature that comes with spell manager. I suggest to disable MD , and use is as u prefer to use , because groups are usually trolling with stacks and it’s hard to maintain constant dispel timers .  (Little hint use cursor macro) . 
thanks for the feedback. 

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