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Elemental Improvements


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  1. I first want to say thank you for the support the Developers provide for each class. I am happy to be apart of this and really enjoy the product. This is in no way to flame anyone or someone’s code/thoughts, but to simply improve what is already good.

    Overview of Elemental Shaman. In 2v2 and 3v3 the elemental shamans job is to control the flow of the match in its favor. With that being said, I would like to point out some improvements for the rotation. As a note, these are all important but I want to make sure the grounding and wind shear improvements are very important. 

    Grounding totem:
    The rotation needs to scan more often and see what is being used at that moment and who is in CC. I have witnessed several times fighting shadow priest, balance, and warlocks etc… it being used first global to just stop a vampiric touch. While this is a valued spell to kick mid game, this should not be used for that purpose. Grounding should be used for incoming CC on players, large damage like chaos bolt (it does well) when incarnation is being used, or when the friendly healer is in CC. You get the point. Another use is a team members are low HP sub 35% to try and ground any damage, kicks, or CC that may come. At minimum this gives our healer a free chance to cast a heal. Grounding does not need to be used on cooldown, just when needed. 
    The bot does not use grounding on freezing trap. When there is an enemy hunter, and the friendly healer is in a crowd control, at 2 seconds left of the friendly healer CC, grounding should be used if the hunter is within the healers area around 20 yards. This might be a stretch but the bot can also wait and I know the bots can track what spells are used instantly. So if freezing trap is used, use grounding instantly to avoid the CC on our healer. 
    Any additional recommendations, I’d love to hear!

    Wind Shear 
    There is so much to say about this and I could type for hours but I’ll point out a couple things that could improve all specs on a kick. 
    Read the room. Does our team have cooldowns rolling and they are low on health? Kick a heal and let that chaos bolt come through and wait for that heal. Are we low health and they have cooldowns? Kick that damage and not the heal. Unlike grounding totem, this could be used on cooldown depending on the situation. Is the bot waiting on a heal to be kicked or damage depending on the situation. I’m more than happy to talk about values with the developer and percentages of when and when not to use but no point to get into it here.

    Flame shock
    This needs to be used on cooldown either to refresh or apply to something new. Enemy players are priority while pets should be secondary. 4 targets is best. I unfortunately have to manually track and cast flame shock to maintain on 3 targets. This NEEDS to be priority now with the recent nerfs to upkeep overall damage.

    Lightning lasso
    This gets cancelled too often and wasted the DR and the cooldown. Add something like the ghosts wolf to pause when using please. 

    Target assist
    I think this might already be in the bot but I don’t see it doing a good job and maybe can be improved. What is my other DPS targeting? Let’s target that too! We should always be on the same target as them to “assist” them in damage. 

    Totem stomp - observer
    This needs to die the moment it comes out. I’ve seen it out for 10 seconds before it gets killed. It does a lot of damage and needs to die quickly.

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