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Go into stealth always


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As title implied, we lose alot of dmg in m+ by not going into stealth all the time after we finish a pack. 
We do however go into stealth with "Opener" on and targeting a mob. This is just not very good to have on in a M+ setting as we quickly ninja pull and sometimes we have a split secound to restealth and its just dont do it.

I suggest a "Force" stealth to just also go into stealth when ever we can without having "Opener" turned on.

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  • Class Engineer

Hello thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to explain how stealth logic works and you might not noticed it. So , try to disable auto combat checkbox at first , then stealth combat s being triggered regardless of how close you are to mob or target if you have AR up , those are main reasons to get maximum uptime on it , we can think of stealth every time as well but it will take some time to implement. Pre usage of RTB is also implement, you can see that on the opener . If you feel that you have to reroll buffs do so , because there are different situations when certain buffs can be beneficial, during downtime. 
Thanks again for the feedback, will see that can be improved .

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You mention ", try to disable auto combat checkbox at first"  this auto combat checkbox is not something i can find, i have auto target and opener under combat. is it auto opener here?

Also atm it does not go into stealth even with AR running. Just did a key to make sure and every time we where done with a pull and having AR up it did not stealth. had to do it my self.

Beside that going into stealth from pack to pack even without AR up has advatages, If we dont we dont proc subterfuge, get our movement speed increase that we like, and w dont get to do out opener with ambush that are alot higher dmg then SS.  Also we dont get to use Bte without it going on cd to get out bte buff.
I do belive stealth after every pack regardless of AR is the way to go. When watching logs, steams, video ect everyone goes into stealth regardless of AR and does a opener bases on that stealth / subterfuge proc

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  • Class Engineer

Thanks again , no one said that stealth is not mandatory and way to go I mentioned that your logic of being target in range to trigger stealth is not the only one , as it seems there is bug with the rotation itself . It will be tested and you will be notified when changelog goes live 🙂 

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