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Shadow Priest PvP Changes

Gifted - PVP

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  • Class Engineer

Spriest Changes:
1.) silence should have a toggle "use as a kick" -- if toggled on, it will use the kick list to kick spells, if toggled off, it will use separate logic.
2.) silence should have a toggle "use only on healer" -- if toggled on, it will only use silence on the healer when full dr.
3.) psychic horror should have a toggle "use only on healer" -- if toggled on, it will only use horror(stun) on the healer when full dr.
4.) chain cc logic should be applied when using silence/horror.
5.) if playing "insidious ire" talent, make sure you have Vampiric Touch/SWP/DP applied before sending Void Torrent.
6.) Add Power Infusion toggle for "Use on Burst key" -- it will Power Infusion friendly caster when you use it, mainly for your benefit in this specific case. If playing "Power of the Sun Priestess."
7.) Add Void Torrent toggle for "Use on Burst key" -- Important for when you play "insidious ire" so you can have a proper "go" with a big VT on demand. (Can also get your horror/silence/fear combo out and then manually burst key to send it).
8.) Send Shadowfiend toggle for "Use on Burst key" -- otherwise sends during burst auto if turned off.
9.) If you are LoS of all enemies(behind a pillar/etc), and player/party needs healing, take that time to offheal.
10.) Apply same Leap of Faith logic suggestions from Holy Priest suggestion list.
11.) Mana slider for Dispel Magic, so we can choose when we want to stop purging. (Save mana for MD/offheals).
12.) Apply same SWD logic to avoid CC from Holy Priest suggestions
13.) Apply same Fade (when talented into "Phase Shift") from Holy Priest suggestions
14.) Make sure we stop casting to SWD/Fade(Phase Shift) as also suggested on Holy Priest list.
15.) When Shadow kicked, if playing "Mind Trauma" make sure we dont overcap on the same target (3 stacks), if the target has 3 stacks of Mind Trauma already, hit another target with the Mind Spikes instead.
16.) High priority dispels vs low priority dispels. EX: BoP/Freedom = high priority dispel. Mark of the Wild = low priority dispel.

All of these CD's should have "Use on Burst key" options, but if that toggle is turned off, we need to make sure they all synergize together autonomously.

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  • Class Engineer

17.) Send Psyfiend during burst, and add a toggle for  "Use on Burst key"

18.) When running towards enemy healer, and we have Psychic Scream available, if we are slowed/snared and run "Phantasm" talent, it is really nice to use Fade + Angelic Feather or Power Word: Shield if playing "Body and Soul" to secure fears easier/more often.

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  • Koexygen

From tomorrow il start updating suggestions but what john mean is maybe half of requests might be there already and if it doesn’t works he means its bugged and will be fixed. Thanks for such suggestions.


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