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I have a new Lvl 14 hunter character. How can I get this to lvl 70 via bot? I've only seen a video about this called Spores afk leveling but where are we on the map there? I saw the places we needed to go and the city names. But I don't know where we are to get there. Can someone give me brief information on what I should do?

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Sure I can give it a shot for you, When starting out I make sure I go to the factions main city, either Stormwind for Alliance or Ogirmar for Horde, once I am in the main city I find and speak to Cromie and pick a timeline to follow, I would recommend Burning crusade thou there are many good expansions to start from.

Then once you have gone to that timeline you can as a hunter start following the quest it sends you on to level, as well as Que for that expansions dungeons while questing to mix it up.

I reach 70 in about 24-36 hours playing relaxed, I am sure there are better ways thou, I just choose this way to get my muscle memory down per spec and class because I only have use of one hand and use Cyborg  hand controller.


Hope that helps, and sorry I never use the mushroom method so dont know where that is.

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Of course, do what you want but the spore farm is a very well known exploit. Personally, I wouldn't do it. If some prick see's you they may report you. When I lvl any toon I almost always do it by dungeon spamming and sometimes a mix of dungeons and questing. I did do some quest on my hunter when lvling because it's so damn easy with the bot. You can also check premade groups, some may list leveling you for gold or use a payed service. There are some really cheap options for payed services and may even be cheaper than people listing in premade groups for gold. I wont post anything here just open google and do some research. Hope this helps.


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