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Holy Paladin Guide - Dragonflight 10.1.5


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This article is a comprehensive guide that provides a detailed overview of the Holy Paladin specialization. It covers various aspects of this specialization, including its strengths and weaknesses, core abilities, talents, and rotations. The article also offers tips on how to maximize DPS and healing capabilities as a Holy Paladin, as well as recommended gear, professions, PvP tactics, and more.



Do you enjoy playing as a healer to assist your team and save your allies when the situation requires so? Then, our WoW Holy Paladin guide is what you are looking for. This specialization brings an invaluable contribution to PvE and PvP types of content and is appreciated among players of other roles. The following article covers the basics of playing this spec, including talents, rotations, gear, and more. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned expert, we are sure that this guide will help you improve your skills and become an even more effective healer. So, let us dive in!

Holy Paladin Pros and Cons

Before moving to more complex aspects, we would like to start our Holy Paladin healer guide by describing the spec’s strengths and weaknesses. This will give you an understanding of whether you wish to try this specialization at all.

First, we would like to discuss the Upsides, which are as follows:

As always, there as some Downsides to mention:

  • Cannot heal multiple targets quickly;

  • Highly dependent on cooldowns like Avenging Wrath;

  • Could use more mobility tools.


Holy Paladin Basics

This specialization focuses on healing allies through powerful spells and abilities. Holy Paladins have a unique playstyle that requires them to stay close to their allies to effectively heal them. When playing this spec, you use two resources, which are Mana and Holy Power

The latter is built through Holy Shock and Crusader Strike abilities. After you generate a required number of these points, they can be spent on abilities like Word of Glory and Light of Dawn. Both spells act as healing ones yet should be cast in different situations. You will quickly master this part of Holy Paladin Dragonflight gameplay once you start playing it yourself.

Holy Paladins have a variety of spells and abilities that can heal single or multiple targets, cleanse harmful effects, and provide strong defensive buffs to themselves and their allies. Additionally, you have decent offensive abilities that can deal damage to enemies, but your primary focus stays on keeping your allies alive.

Holy Paladin Core Abilities

If you do not know much about this spec and have not played it before, the following part of the article is what you need to read for sure. It contains information on the specialization’s basic abilities you are going to use most often in any type of content. The majority of them are aimed at healing your allies yet some of them provide valuable buffs or cleansing effects as well. Here are the WoW Holy Paladin abilities we are going to discuss:

  • Holy Light – Requires a lot of time to be cast yet provides a large amount of healing to a solo target;

  • Flash of Light – Unlike the previous spells, takes little time to be cast yet consumes much more Mana;

  • Holy Shock – An instant cast spell that can be used for either healing or damaging purposes;

  • Beacon of Light – Lets you place a "beacon" on a target, causing a percentage of the healing your character does to be duplicated to the beaconed target;

  • Aura Mastery – A powerful cooldown that enhances your auras for a short period of time;

  • Avenging Wrath – One of your most iconic cooldowns that increases your healing and damage output for 20 seconds;

  • Lay on Hands – Acts as a powerful single-target healing spell that restores a large amount of health and can save your ally from certain death;

  • Cleanse – A spell that removes all magic effects from friendly targets;

  • Devotion Aura – An aura that increases the party or raid's resistance to all types of damage;

  • Light of Dawn – An AoE healing spell that provides a moderate amount of healing to all targets within a cone in front of the character and acts as a Holy Power spender.

This list contains only the most widespread abilities you use practically in any situation. Besides, they are included in any spec’s rotation. No matter if you are participating in PvE or PvP content, they will be extremely useful. Using your other abilities is possible as well yet they require certain situations. On top of that, we have not described your defensive cooldowns here but mentioned them earlier in the guide.

As a healer, it is not a problem to find a party to participate in Mythic+ content. Nonetheless, you are not always lucky with a team and can fail dozens of dungeon runs for this reason. 

Holy Paladin Stat Priority

When it comes to Holy Paladin stats, you always want to prioritize Intellect above all others. It is your primary stat, which increases your damage and healing done. This is the main way to make your character stronger in general. As for secondary stats, you want to start with Haste and Mastery. The first one lets you cast spells quicker and reduces the cooldowns of vitally-important abilities like Holy Shock. As for the second one, it enhances your Mastery: Lightbringer efficiency, which is the spec’s unique mechanic.

Only then, you can pay attention to the stats like Versatility and Critical Strike. Both of them allow you to heal more as well yet prove to be weaker if compared to other stats we have described above. Keeping all that in mind, your stat priority for Holy Paladin looks as follows:

  1. Intellect;

  2. Haste;

  3. Mastery;

  4. Versatility;

  5. Critical Strike.

Note that you can change it according to your own playstyle and preferences. It is always nice to experiment with the stat order to see what variety works best exactly for you. You can also use a simulation program for this purpose.

Best PvE Holy Paladin Builds

Best Holy Paladin Raid Build

Performing as a healer in a raid efficiently requires a lot of practice and concentration. You are to keep many players alive simultaneously while dodging the encounter’s mechanics and staying safe and sound yourself. The following Holy Paladin raid build lets you maximize your AoE healing potential thanks to the Glimmer of Light talent.


By copying the string below, you can export this talent setup to your game:


Holy Paladin Mythic+ Build

Unlike the previous build, this one revolves around dealing damage rather than maximizing your healing potential. The reason for this is that you have a much smaller group to play with. Therefore, the following Dragonflight Holy Paladin PvE build represents a perfect mix of heal/damage capabilities the spec has to offer.


To export the build directly into your game, copy this code:


Best Holy Paladin PvP Build

When participating in this type of activity, you need a special Dragonflight Holy Paladin PvP build to unlock your potential. Holy Paladins typically serve as a healer for their team, with their main goal being to keep their allies alive while hindering their opponents. To do this effectively, Holy Paladins need to have a good understanding of their core abilities and be able to react quickly to changing situations.

One key strategy for Holy Paladins in PvP is to make use of their defensive abilities to survive enemy attacks. This includes using abilities like Blessing of Protection, Divine Shield, and Lay on Hands to protect themselves and their allies. Additionally, you can use your stun and interrupt abilities, such as Hammer of Justice and Rebuke, to prevent opponents from using their most dangerous attacks.

The build we are going to share with you revolves around your Flash of Light spell. This is the most powerful healing ability you can use from your arsenal, particularly for this type of content. Besides, you need to learn to spend your Mana and Holy Power resources wisely. If you miss out on this part, your team can be severely punished in a certain situation.


To try this talent setup in the game, copy the string below:


Holy Paladin Best in Slot Gear


Are you one of those players who still think that obtaining powerful equipment is only possible through Raiding or Mythic+ content? The Dragonflight expansion has brought us the Crafting Order system, which revolutionized the idea of BiS gear. The latter lets you create decent substitutes to replace gear pieces you get from killing bosses or finishing dungeon runs. To test it out, you need to find the item you wish to create, gather all the required components, and see if any artisan agrees to craft it for you.

This system allows you to get your hands on the best items crafted by players of various professions without learning them yourself. Even though the equipment you obtain through this system is not as powerful as its Raiding and Mythic+ analogs, it works fine for most average players. If you are still looking for BiS equipment from the above-mentioned activities, we are going to share what items you should be looking for in the two following subheads.

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Best in Slot Gear for Holy Paladin

Raiding has always been and remains one of the most challenging end-game activities. However, it is also extremely rewarding, as you can get unique items by defeating various bosses. As a healer, it will take you a few minutes if not less to find a raid group. So, make sure you are playing with the right team to get the following items easily.

Mythic+ Best in Slot Gear for Holy Paladin

Instead of fighting a single boss with millions of HP, some players prefer to clear out dungeons. If you do this successfully, you can obtain a Mythic+ set, which is believed to be a more powerful option if compared to the previous alternative. Nonetheless, it is a true challenge to collect all the pieces we are going to describe below. If you manage to do this, you will get your hands on the best Holy Paladin gear currently available.

Getting your hands on all the listed items is practically impossible. So, do not make this your main in-game goal and focus on exploring the Dragon Isles while playing for fun.

Best Upgrade, Spark of Shadowflame, and Embellishment Options for Holy Paladin

Have you managed to get your hands on a powerful PvE item but its ilvl is too low for your current needs? With the Flightstones currency, you can increase its ilvl up to 441. 

As a rule, you want to start upgrading your weapons, shields, and trinkets before anything else. This is a great way to receive extra stats and become a more valuable player in Raiding or Mythic+ content. If you have any Flightstones left after that, focus on upgrading other equipment pieces you like. However, they will most likely be rings. Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Lavaflow Control Rod;

  2. Rashok's Molten Heart;

  3. Screaming Black Dragonscale.

If you are never lucky with a team in end-game activities or simply play for fun, you would enjoy Spark of Shadowflame. The latter allows you to craft substitutes for Mythic gear. Nonetheless, this currency is also tough to obtain and should be spent wisely. For example, you can create the following items for sure:

  1. Obsidian Seared Runeaxe or Obsidian Seared Hexsword;

  2. Undulating Sporecloak;

  3. Allied Wristguard of Companionship;

  4. Primal Molten Defender.

Obviously, you should start by replacing your lowest-level slot before crafting anything else. Up next, we would like to add a few words concerning the Embellishment system. It lets you wear special gear with unique effects and bonuses. However, you can only wear 2 equipment pieces with Embellishments simultaneously. As a rule, you choose from the following alternatives:

  1. Elemental Lariat – Probably, the best necklace you can wear no matter what class and specialization you are playing. It provides you with extra raw stats, which is always nice;

  2. Undulating Sporecloak – Lets you heal every 5 seconds if your HP is higher than 70%. When your HP drops lower than 30%, you gain a powerful shield to protect you;

  3. Allied Wristguard of Companionship – Since you always try to stay closer to your allies, the item’s effect is extremely beneficial for you;

  4. Potion Absorption Inhibitor – The item’s full potential is unlocked only when you use Potion of Chilled Clarity or Potion of Shocking Disclosure. Make sure you use it ONLY for Mythic+ content.

Best Holy Paladin Enchants and Consumables

A lot of players underestimate the value of enchantments and consumables. The reason for this is that they do not seem as important as your main equipment. However, they are a great source of primary and secondary stats, which can never be extra. Besides, they do not cost that much and can be easily bought at the Auction House. If you wish to save a few pennies, you can try to craft them on your own.

Moving further, we would like to share a few vitally-important consumables this specialization can use. Since you heavily depend on Mana, Potion of Chilled Clarity and Aerated Mana Potion can help you solve this problem. For extra DPS, you usually go for Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power. If you lack survivability, think of using Refreshing Healing Potion to stay alive longer thus keeping your allies healthy.

When it comes to gems, your choice usually comes down to the following options:

  • Fierce Illimited Diamond – Provides you with a decent amount of Intellect and Haste, the stats you need more than any others;

  • Keen Ysemerald or Energized Ysemerald – They should be used to fill the rest of your slots. The first alternative is perfect for Raiding while the second one is what you need to wear for dungeon runs.

To ensure you squeeze the maximum value out of consumables, make sure the effect from Grand Banquet of the Kalu'ak is always on. As for other food, you can choose between Fated Fortune Cookie, Sizzling Seafood Medley, and Aromatic Seafood Platter depending on what type of content you are taking part in. Finally, do not forget to use Howling Rune for extra Haste, which is your most valued secondary stat.

Holy Paladin Rotation Guide

When it comes to the WoW Holy Paladin rotation choice, you cannot focus on one of them only. Instead, you need to learn various rotations to apply in different combat scenarios. This part of our guide shares the two most popular rotations you are going to use practically in any activity. Make sure to master both of them before trying your skills at truly challenging end-game activities.

Since this specialization is highly dependent on Mana and Holy Power, you constantly need to keep an eye on these resources. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation where you are unable to heal your allies. Consequently, this will likely lead your party to a wipe.

Holy Paladin Single-Target Healing Rotation

  1. Beacon of Light should always stay up on the target;

  2. Holy Shock on cooldown;

  3. If the situation allows it, cast Crusader Strike for extra Holy Power;

  4. Word of Glory when you have enough Holy Power;

  5. Holy Light to restore a smaller part of HP and Flash of Light if the target is under heavy focus.

Holy Paladin Multi-Target Healing Rotation

  1. Before starting the rotation, use Beacon of Light on the tank;

  2. Holy Shock on cooldown to heal a target who needs it;

  3. If the situation allows it, cast Crusader Strike for extra Holy Power;

  4. Hammer of Wrath for extra Holy Power and DPS;

  5. If your group takes too much damage, Light of Dawn;

  6. Consecration for extra healing through Golden Path;

  7. Do not forget about Holy Light and Flash of Light to keep a particular ally alive;

  8. If your party does not need healing, cast Shield of the Righteous for extra damage and armor.

Holy Paladin Leveling Guide

In order to fully enjoy the end-game content and unlock the full potential of your spec, it is crucial to level up your character first. Although the developers have made efforts to make the leveling process faster in Dragonflight, it still requires a significant amount of time and effort to reach level 70. In this paragraph, we will provide you with some useful tips on how to level up more efficiently. To start with, make sure to check out our recommended leveling build, as it is a crucial component for successful leveling.


Here is the string you can use to export this talent setup into your game:


To speed up the process, you usually want to gather large mob packs and use Shield of the Righteous together with Consecration. At the same time, do not forget about your defensive cooldowns to stay alive while fighting tons of mobs. On top of that, you should always use the following consumables to make your life easier:

How to Become a Better Holy Paladin in Dragonflight

As our guide comes nearer the end, it is time to share a few Holy Paladin 10.1 tips, which will help you master this specialization quicker:

  1. Master your core abilities. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of your abilities and how they interact with each other. This will allow you to use them effectively and efficiently in combat;

  2. Use your cooldowns wisely. Your cooldowns can be powerful tools in combat, but they have limited uses. Use them wisely and strategically to maximize their impact. Coordinate with your team to pick the right timing for the strongest abilities;

  3. Keep your team alive. As a healer, your primary role is to keep your team alive. Prioritize healing over dealing damage and be proactive in preventing damage;

  4. Keep an eye on your resources. As a healer, Mana management is crucial. On top of that, you have a Holy Power resource to watch over. Make sure you are not wasting Mana on unnecessary spells and try to conserve it as much as possible. Also, make sure you have plenty of Mana potions and Mana-restoring consumables on hand for longer fights;

  5. Communicate with your team. Communication is key in any team-based activity. Let your team know if you need help or if you are running low on Mana;

  6. Stay up to date with changes. The game is in continuous development, and it is important to stay up to date with any changes that might affect your gameplay. Keep an eye on patch notes and make sure you are adjusting your playstyle accordingly. Our guide will help you with this, as it is constantly updated.

Final Words

Fellow adventurers, this brings us to the end of our guide. We hope you have learned a lot about how to play Holy Paladin and understand this spec’s basics now. This is a versatile and powerful specialization that excels in healing and support roles in both PvE and PvP activities. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can improve your skills, optimize your gameplay, and become a valuable asset to any group or raid.


Are Holy Paladins good in Dragonflight?

This spec is considered to be one of the strongest healers due to its strong single-target healing abilities and valuable cooldowns. They are highly sought after in both PvE and PvP content for their healing and support capabilities.

Is Holy Paladin hard to play in WoW?

This is by far not the most difficult healing specialization you can choose to play. However, it requires you to keep an eye on your Mana and spend Holy Power points wisely.

What is the best weapon for a Holy Paladin?

Despite being able to wear 1H and 2H weapons, we highly recommend that you stick to one-handed weapons like Axes, Swords, Maces, Polearms. It is also necessary to wear a shield for your Shield of the Righteous ability.

What is the best profession for a Holy Paladin?

It is up to you what profession you want to master. However, being a master of Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting can be really beneficial. You can create powerful items by yourself and not ask someone else about this service.

Is Holy Paladin good in PvE WoW?

Despite struggling to provide burst AoE healing during raids, it is still a decent choice for PvE content. Besides, Holy Paladins can not only heal yet deal decent damage, which is important during dungeon runs.

How do I maximize DPS as a Holy Paladin? 

Prioritize healing your allies first of all. If the situation allows it, you can use abilities like Consecration, Shield of the Righteous, and Hammer of Wrath to deal extra damage.

What is the best rotation for a Holy Paladin?

We have described the most efficient and popular rotations in our guide already. You should try to master both of them to apply them in different combat scenarios.

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