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First heroic raid with Koexygen Hpala done


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Logs by itemlevel bracket, Id say it works pretty darn well! I'll share raidsettings I used below: 

All spells I dont mention are left at default values.

Daybreak: HP%90 @ 5 players
Holy Light: 0
Divine Protection: 50
Blessing of Protection: 7
Lay on Hands: 20
Light of Dawn: 98
Flash of Light: 15
Divine Shield: 20
Holy Shock: 99
Word of Glory: 0
Avenging Wrath: 65
Blessing of Sacrifice: 60


Happy raiding!

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This was against a 442 hpala using a different platform, and a 437 pumping prevoker, and on Sarkareth against a 444 holypriest.

My itemlevel was 425 btw, so if youre reading this and play Hpala and on the fence about testing Koexygen maybe some inspiration for ya.

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As promised here are my current mythic+ settings, I will make another post if I update anything.

Daybreak 83@3

Holy Light 0/0

Holy Prism 85

Blessing of Protection 15/15

Lay on Hands 17/17

Light of Dawn 1@5

Flash of Light 30/30

Divine Shield 20

Holy Shock 93

Word of Glory 67

Avenging Wrath 65

Blessing of Sacrifice 65

Hand of Freedom Ally/Roots/Snares


Happy keying and feel free to change things depending on your group, these are just my baseline, if I am in a dungeon I need freedom for something like Freehold and Blackout Barrel I use Freedom manually for example.

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You should utilize WoG a lot in m+, its a great spell.
If you want less usage of it just tweak the settings so it waits until they are lower if that feels better for you 🙂


As long the group lives it should be fine, but if you feel its being wasted just change it down.

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